Radiocommunications and Videotechnologies Department

Professional Realization

Students specializing in the Department of Radiocommunications and Videotechnologies can find work in institutions and production companies that use telecommunication equipment to carry out research, design, implementation, operation, production, technological, company and service activities in the field of telecommunications.

Some of the areas where our students find a realization are:

  • Mobile communications – mobile operators;
  • Information and Internet technologies;
  • Planning, building and management of radiocommunication networks;
  • Studio and broadcasting audio/video equipment design and maintenance in the Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgarian National Television, private radio and television operators;
  • Sound, image and video recognition and computer vision systems design;
  • Animation, video effects and sound systems design;
  • Audio and video professional editing;
  • Free-space laser and fiber-optics communication systems;
  • Satellite systems for radio, television and data broadcasting;
  • Cable systems for interactive communication services;
  • Business and household communication devices design and maintenance (TV and audio-video sets, terminal and phone devices, office equipment);
  • Radar and navigation systems design and maintenance;
  • Sensors and computerized control systems design in railway transportation, energetics, ecology, water supply, and security surveillance services;
  • Automated systems for design, production, manufacturing, monitoring and control in industrial complexes;
  • Medical image processing and analysis (cardiograms, echographies, X-rays, CT, MRI);
  • Physiotherapy systems design;
  • Telemedicine systems design;
  • Scientific research and development in institutes and laboratories;
  • Lecturing in universities and secondary schools.