Radiocommunications and Videotechnologies Department

PhD Study

The long-standing development and stable traditions in the Department have helped to establish and continuously develop scientific research for graduates. The favorable environment support higher levels of quality in education for the highest scientific-educational degree - PhD.

How to become a PhD student in TU-Sofia

Each year, by order of the Rector of the Technical University - Sofia are announced exams for regular and part-time PhD students, approved by decree of the Council of Ministers, to be published in the Official Gazette.

Candidates applying for the positions must fill an application to the Rector and must provide the following documents:

  1. Autobiography
  2. Copy of university diploma (degree "Master"), with annex. Graduates in the year of application must provide transcript for all the successfully passed exams.
  3. Certificate of Higher Education recognized by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education if the diploma was issued by a foreign university.
  4. Documents evidencing interests and achievements in the field of science (two recommendations from academic staff, list of publications, etc.).
  5. Document certifying the payment of the participation fee for the PhD exam (30 lev for the first exam on the subject and 20 lev for the exam in a foreign language).
  6. Two envelopes labeled with the correct address for receiving mail.